Steam hanging from the slopes of Mount Etna

De Aetna

A french renaissance antiqua after Francesco Griffo.

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De Aetna is a french renaissance antiqua after Francesco Griffo’s font for Pietro Bembo’s book ‘De Aetna ad Angelum Chabrielem Liber’. For all those who adore classical aesthetics and want to bring timeless elegance to their texts.

The character set of the free version ‘De Aetna Basic’ includes the unicode blocks latin basic, latin additional and the german letter sharp S. ‘De Aetna Pro’ is available for purchase and additionally contains the unicode block latin extended, as well as a lot of OpenType font features (dlig, hist, calt, hlig, liga, ss01, tnum, smcp, onum, frac, dnom, numr, sups, sub and c2sc) and ink traps.
Download ‘De Aetna Basic’ and use it free of charge under the CC BY-SA 4.0 licence.